Finding Unlikely Success

With an engaged audience of 1.2 million followers across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, SinglesSwag is one of the pandemic’s biggest success stories. As a single dad in 2016, Jonathan Beskin had a crazy idea that would disrupt the subscription box industry almost overnight.

 In just three years, he was spending more than $15,000 per day on Facebook ads to keep up with the demand that SinglesSwag created, securing him a #181 spot of Inc. 5000 Magazine's Fastest Growing Company List (2020).

During the pandemic, when many companies went under or took huge losses, Jonathan took SinglesSwag to a height of $60+ million in revenue through the creation of 30+ in-house brands, out-of-the-box thinking, and perseverance. He also acquired Paradise Delivered in 2020, scaling the company from a few hundred boxes shipped per month to 10k+ boxes shipped per month in under a year.

Today, SinglesSwag has shipped over 2 million boxes to 60+ countries and has been featured in publications such as the TODAY Show, Fast Company, NBC News, USA Today, Business Insider, and InStyle.

From Bullied to Business Leader

Overcoming not only a difficult childhood wrought with emotional abuse and bullying, but severe depression and anxiety as well, Jonathan turned the negative talk from doubters and naysayers into fuel for success. Today, he cites healthy obsession as the foundation of his flourishing entrepreneurial journey.

Beskin’s dedication to the SinglesSwag mission is evident in the company’s continued success and growth. His commitment to empowering women and promoting self-love and self-care has resonated with customers and helped the company establish a loyal following.

Overall, Jonathan Beskin is an entrepreneur and business leader who has made a positive impact on the lives of many single women through his work with SinglesSwag.